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"Facing a Cancer Diagnosis"
Kerri’s Top Twelve Hard-Earned Transformation Tips

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As a Mom Facing Cancer …

  • Have you or a family member recently been diagnosed with cancer and you are not sure what to do?
  • Do you need to find some HOPE?
  • Are you struggling emotionally with how this diagnosis will affect you and your entire family?
  • Do you worry about making the right decision about cancer treatment?
  • Does it feel like you are being asked to make serious decisions without enough time or information?
  • Are you concerned about the cost of treatment and how you will pay for it?
  • Would you like to have the best possible health outcome for yourself or the family member with the diagnosis of cancer?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please know that this is completely NORMAL!

When I experienced cancer the first time and as the caregiver for others in my family with cancer, I felt completely overwhelmed and unequipped to cope.

Most families experiencing cancer feel this way. Rest assured: you are in the right place to begin finding answers!

Moms Facing Cancer is a professional cancer coaching service designed to assist you in navigating the turbulent waters of a cancer diagnosis.

Making uninformed decisions about cancer treatment can have serious consequences not only for your own health and well being, but also for that of your loved ones. A cancer diagnosis usually creates an alarming sense of urgency for families, however, in most cases, a cancer diagnosis is not an emergency. Most people do have time to thoroughly explore their options before making decisions about a treatment plan.

Better options do exist!


  • Know where to turn for the most up-to-date cancer information
  • Have systems in place to stay centered and calm
  • Learn what needs to happen for the best health results
  • Feel prepared for medical appointments and treatments


  • Avoid costly, life-altering mistakes in choosing treatment options
  • Conserve your time, mental energy, & finances for what you love in life
  • Learn what you need to know from a professional cancer coach & cancer veteran
  • Receive a customized plan based on you & your family’s needs


  • Regain control of your lives
  • Move from stress to peace, overwhelm to action, and uncertainty to confidence
  • Know exactly what to tell your family to maximize everyone’s coping skills
  • Make compassionate, sensible, & informed decisions for the whole family.

To begin transforming your family’s experience of cancer right now, FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

First, make the time in your life to thoroughly research your options
Then, make the effort to create some lifestyle changes that will immediately help you and your family, allowing the transformation to begin easily and effortlessly.

This is where I come in.

I will help you and your family in important and special ways, making sure you are prepared with effective strategies for making decisions…… And, because I have been down this road before, I will provide you with the best possible support system.

Ready to move forward? Here are some first steps you may consider:

  1. Read answers to some of the most frequent questions I get asked.
  2. Fill out the form above and download your special free report, Facing a Cancer Diagnosis: Kerri’s Top 12 Hard-Earned Transformation Tips.
  3. Consider investing a small amount in an exploratory session. Find out more here.

Congratulations, the transformation has begun!

Say YES to Transformation!

April 2011 Kerri Geary October 2011